"Being a Southern person and a blonde is NOT a good combination." -Reese Witherspoon.

     I suppose this is as good a way as any to introduce this blog.  I haven’t entered the blogosphere (a word too yuppie to even exit my lips) in about a year.  Sure, I do the occasional lurking around new york fashion blogs, southern sorority girl blogs, and even the occasional wedding blog (it’s a sick obsession).  However, I haven’t dipped my quill in the ink, so to speak, in quite some time.  I had ambitious hopes of blogging my way through freshman year, being discovered by someone famous (think Tavi and Teen Vogue), and then being well known in this little microcosm of the world.  That was not the case at all.  I posted maybe five times, and then got wrapped up in Freshman year and never touched my blog again.  Until now.
     ‘Bless Your Heart’ was born from the Southern insult that anyone who lives south of the Mason Dixon line has heard.  You can say anything about a person, but as long as you end the sentence with “bless his heart,” you’re still being a good person.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard my mother come home shit talking a student: “He’s the most trifling piece of dog shit I’ve ever met.  Turned in his term paper late, went hunting during my exam…bless his heart.”  The fact that my mother chose to end her rant with that particular phrase negated the fact that she was basically trashing her student.  I haven’t personally experienced a great number of ‘bless your heart’ moments, but I have heard enough second hand accounts to last me a lifetime.
     This particular catch phrase got me thinking about how I choose to identify myself.  I very holistically define myself as a Southerner.  I embrace what Southern culture has to offer (i.e. pig pickings, mason jars, and everything gingham).  However, I do not often stand for what those around me stand for.  I consider myself to be a feminist, an activist, a Universalist, and a realist, and worst of all, a Democrat.  I spend way too much time pretending I live in midtown Manhattan or the Village.  I remember talking about aspirations of attaining a PhD when I was in middle school.  It was often hard for me to identify with people in my school and my town.
        Last year I left my Southern town, and I moved to a Southern city (city meaning that it has a large enough population to be classified as such, not due to the presence of skyscrapers and sushi takeout).  I moved to Williamsburg to begin my stint as a student at the College of William and Mary, another huge defining point for myself.
     I find that whenever people ask me to “tell them about myself” I am stuck defining myself by what I do.  I go to William and Mary. I am passionate about sexual assault prevention….I find myself pausing even as I write this post because I don’t know what to say.  I don’t know whether to be alarmed or pleased by this.  I am fortunate to be so passionate about things, however; it makes me wonder if I really know myself as well as I think.
     Not all of my posts will be this deep or introspective.  Perhaps this was just the best way for me to introduce myself.  This blog will mostly highlight my rambling, but it will also chronical my love for fashion, current events, books, pop culture, and all things ridiculous.

School starts in a week. 🙂


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