Like a VonTrapp…but a little prettier

     I have never in my life been a fan of the Sound of Music.  I don’t have much time for little children singing in unison (which makes no sense considering my love for Annie).  Anyways, I figured to balance out the brooding post I had yesterday, I would post some of MY favorite things of the beauty variety.

1.)  Bumble and Bumble Thickening shampoo.  This shampoo really helps to lift limp and thin hair.  My hair is so thin that normally when I wash with any other shampoo, it is stuck to my head by the end of the day.  However, that is not the case with this great B&B shampoo.  I use other items from the Bumble line as well, like sumo tech texturizer, thickening spray, and the surf hair spray.

2.)  Benefit’s You Rebel Lite:  This is not a foundation, but rather a tinted moisturizer.  I found this one day at Sephora, and I am completely hooked.  It isn’t heavy and cakey like a foundation can be, but it gives similar coverage.  I wear this everyday to even out my skin and give it a little glow.  Added bonus: This product has SPF 15, so it was perfect to wear at camp everyday!
3.)  Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder: This powder helps to even out my skin tone without looking caked on.  It is light, and I only have to apply it in the morning for it to stay on all day.

4.)  Sephora Brand Bronzer:  Normally I am not an advocate of bronzer (think Oopma Loompa, or worse, a Real Housewife of Orange County) However, this bronzer is offered in shades more closely emulating a tan.  I use the Aruba shade, which is not far off from my actual skin tone after a day at the beach.  It’s perfect to create that Summer glow.  However, I do not advise wearing bronzer past September because honestly, who has a tan after September?

5.)  Maybelline Great Lash Mascara:  This mascara is a classic.  It’s pink and green design was modeled after the Lilly Pullitzer collection when it first came out, and the colors just stuck.  This mascara (which I wear in waterproof) is great for all day wear.  The waterproof variety never smudges, and looks great all day long.  Plus, the applicator brush makes my lashes super long.

6.) MAC lipstick:  This particular picture is of MAC’s Lady Gaga collection.  I am obsessed with pink AND Lady Gaga, so I knew I had to purchase this color.  However, I find myself to be obsessed with ALL MAC lipstick.  MAC lipstck stays on all day, and looks flawless.  I find myself gravitating more towards the matte varieties, but they have tubes with a little bit of shimmer and gloss added.  Plus, once you’re done with your tube of lipstick, you can take the empty tube back to any MAC counter and they will recycle it and donate the money to HIV research.  What could be better than that?!


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