This is a JOKE

     Okay, okay.  So it’s not really a joke, but it does make me stop and think.  These are beautiful pictures.  They are artistically done and the model is lovely.  However, this lovely young woman is only TEN YEARS OLD!  
     I don’t know about you, but when I was ten I was chubby, had a bowl cut, and wore nothing but dresses my mother made me paired with Chuck Taylor high tops.  This ten year old has more sex appeal than I do at almost twenty years old.  
   Why does this happen?  I am almost twenty years old, and looking at these pictures makes me feel the teensiest bit inferior.  I look at this little girl and the first thought that pops into my head is “Wow! She has great collarbones.”  Thankfully, I catch myself and I get some sense about me, and I re-evaluate myself.  But what about those that can’t do that?  What happens to the sixteen year old who can’t shake the feelings that pictures like this bring on?  This ten year old girl, and other young girls and boys in the direct media spotlight shape the self concepts of young people everywhere.  I know this isn’t a new argument, but it is one that I feel very strongly about.  I am in no way blaming eating disorders or negative body image solely on the media and models, however; there is a certain amount of blame to be laid on the fashion industry.  People need role models with purpose, personal goals, strength, and real beauty.  I’m not one of those angry fat girls either who thinks that any skinny person is a bad role model. What I’m saying is that people need REAL role models, not oversexed ten year olds who appear in French Vogue.
REAL role models look like this:
 Crystal Renn, Fashion Model
Gabi Gregg, Fashion Blogger (Creator of GABIFRESH)

Adele, Singer

Regina Spektor, Singer

Maya Angelou, Author, Poet

Ghandi, Activist

Lisa Ling, Journalist

Paul Rusesabagina, Humanitarian

My Mother and Father


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