"Things Do Not Change. We Change"

Hipster.  How many times have I heard that word in the past year of my life.  I remember once I went to Northern Virginia (lovingly called NoVA) to visit a friend, and he took one look at my horn-rimmed glasses and my black tights and said “Elizabeth, when did you turn into a hipster?”  I, personally, see nothing wrong with the word, however; some people I know take GREAT offense to being called one.  What exactly is a hipster?  A lot of people think it means that you shop at places like Urban Outfitters and random thrift stores.  It means doing and saying things that are ironic or that stray from a path of what we consider to be the social norm.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I definitely used to do things like that.  How many times have you forced yourself to like something because it was something that NONE of your friends liked?  You can lie all you want and say that you’ve never done this, but I know I have and I know there are other people who have.  I went through a phase where I collected old books (still in that phase), wore a nose ring, tried to listen to obscure music, and be a person that I had never met before.  I found that in doing this, I was simply becoming a person that was conforming to a new ideal; this hipster ideal, though it may not be in check with current social norms, is still an ideal in itself.  You are still fulfilling your preconceived notions of what is obscure and what will make you different from other people.  I am in NO way bashing hipsters.  I love Urban.  I spend way too much time pretending to love weird music, and I have a small collection of owl figurines…I try too hard to be obscure and different than my peers, and that’s totally okay.  But I don’t fool myself into thinking that I am intellectually, socially, and emotionally superior to those around me because I don’t conform to the social norms of “the Heather variety.” 

Completely unrelated, I am in the midst of recruitment week for my sorority.  Yes, after my hipster rant, I am going to move to the complete opposite pole and talk about my sorority.  I am in love with Alpha Chi Omega.  I don’t care how corny I sound or how trivial people may think I am for saying so.  Alpha Chi Omega gave me a home before William and Mary did.  I spent my first semester of college feeling like there was something missing from my experience.  As a self-proclaimed lover of theatrics and acting, I was sure that my transition into college theatre would be effortless.  I was extremely wrong.  I didn’t get cast in the first show I auditioned for…or the second…or the third.  I was broken.  I so holistically defined myself by being an actress that I didn’t know what else I could do to make me as happy as acting.  I found Alpha Chi Omega in the spring of my Freshman year, and I truly think it saved me.  I can honestly say that my sorority makes me as happy as performing did.  It will never take the place of acting; I still feel like I’ve let myself down by not auditioning anymore.  I’ve heard people say over and over “You can’t give up on your dreams.”  I don’t feel like I’ve given up: I feel like I’m exploring a part of my personality that I never got the opportunity to explore in high school.  
That’s about all I can do for tonight, I think.  I’m off to watch a documentary…another of my favorite past times.  🙂

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