Ode To Autumn

There is honestly NOTHING I love more than being at home during Autumn.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love the colors, the clothes, the crispness in the air.  So needless to say, it was really great that Fall Break started last Friday.  After class last Friday, my mom picked me up from college, and we headed to Washington DC.  I hadn’t been since I was about ten years old, and we only live about three hours from the city, so it was a pleasant little drive.  We had a blast, but it’s great to be home for a few days.  Mom had to go back to work today, so we drove home last night.  I got home to the entire house decorated in halloween and fall decorations.  I love coming home to the smells and sights of my childhood.  My dad LOVES Yankee Candles, so we always have one that’s seasonally appropriate going in the house.  This season’s candle is Harvest…mmm.
Yankee Candles, my favorite!

My precious little Shih Tzu, Max!

Mom’s GORGEOUS table setting for Fall.

Cute little vampire pumpkin.

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