"Not all who wander are lost." Welcome Home!

Back from the dead…I am ready to reassume blogging.  It’s been such a busy and stressful week!  I had mounds and mounds of work due, and on top of that it was Homecoming week AND clue week…talk about a lack of sleep.  So let me start off with the best news ever:


She is WAY too cute for words.  She’s the one in the middle wearing pink.  I’m on the left, and my twin, Jenny, is on the right! What a cute family!  She is the perfect addition.  Jenny and I both decided that we wanted to take her as our co-little because we just loved her so much!
This is our entire sorority fam…aren’t we the cutest?!? I’m so excited for all the new additions.  
Okay, now that that intense proclamation of love is over, I’ll move on to Homecoming.  Our Homecoming partners this year were Kappa Alpha.  A lot of our girls are really close with KA, so it was a really fun week!  We went laser tagging on Thursday, and on Wednesday we got a yummy food tab at one of the local delis.  Williamsburg doesn’t really have bars: the delis are the “bar” equivalent.  People go there to drink, eat good food, and listen to music.  On Friday we had a big parade that went all through campus and town.  The floats were really creative.  
I thought it was really interesting how Homecoming and clue week kind of coincided.  Both are celebrations of coming home: Homecoming is about returning to your alma mater, and clue week is about establishing a home and a place of comfort within the sorority as a whole.  I am a firm believe that home is wherever you make it.  I have a home in Windsor, and I have a home in my dorm, and I hope to one day have a home in NYC, Nashville, Georgia, England, and wherever else life takes me.  
I know it’s kind of a miniscule blog post, but I wanted you all to know I was still alive, just busy. 

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