Why You So Obsessed With?

Things I am obsessed with right now:

1.  DIY/Crafting-  I am honestly IN LOVE with the idea of making Christmas presents for the people around me.  I am stalking all of these great DIY beauty and DIY craft blogs for inspirations for Christmas presents for my parents and my cousins.  (Get excited, you guys!)

2.  Pinterest- I really don’t need to elaborate on this one.  I am obsessed.  Pinterest has so many cool ideas, tips on style, crafts, and yummy foods.  I am hooked.

3. Iced Coffee- Again, no explanation needed.  It’s delicious. It’s relatively healthy when made with stevia and skim milk.  It’s a win win drink situation.  Plus, there are many benefits of “the bean.”

4. Coffee Shops- I have found that studying/doing homework in one of the local coffee shops here is totally worth my time.  The atmosphere encourages me to get massive amounts of work done, and the music and cool people make me forget that I’m still in a small Virginia town.

5.  Iphone-  I AM IN LOVE WITH MY IPHONE.  More and more everyday I wonder how I got along my first year of college without it.  I use it to count calories, log fitness, look up words, fashion tips, scan bar codes, and naturally call people and text.  Anyone who is on the edge about getting an iphone I AM BEGGING YOU TO GIVE IT A TRY.  It will revolutionize your life.  Plus, any product that was created by such a genius and kind man like Steve Jobs is worth my time and [my parent’s] penny. 😉

6.  Budgeting- Lately I have not had a lot of cash on me at various times of the day, so I have used my Dad’s credit card for a lot of purchases.  (Sorry Dad, you’ll get the reimbursement check this weekend).  Maybe that was a good thing though, because I realized how much useless shit I spend my money on.  This has inspired me to take up the art of budgeting. I have printed out a little budgeting chart from the internet, and I am currently working on setting a monthly budget.  It’s really been gratifying so far!


Just a little random list about things I’m currently obsessed with.

Have a great week!



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