Piggy and the Conch

Finals.  The dreaded word that resonates through the hallowed halls of The College of William and Mary.  I got up at 10:00 yesterday, ate a quick breakfast, and then headed over to Earl Gregg Swem Library to wait for the doors to open.  I arrived at 11:00, and the library opened officially at 1:00 PM.  Excessive?  Not quite.  Excessive is the girl behind me pushing me into a door.  Excessive is a boy getting TRAMPLED and winding up in the hospital after trying to simply get into the library to study.

I can’t decide if finals time makes me proud or ashamed to be a student at this College.  I’m going to go with proud, because I bleed Green and Gold.  But I have to wonder, what kind of people trample someone and then leave him laying on the floor in the library entrance.  It’s all a little Lord of the Flies for my personal tastes.

I have 4 papers/proposals/presentations and one sit down exam this week.  The only things getting me through the copious amounts of work are the Disney music scores station on 8tracks (seriously, look it up. It’s so good!!!) and lots and lots of coffee/iced coffee/espresso beans).

I’ll be home Wednesday, so I’m chomping at the bit to finish all this work.  Plus, being home means that I can finish these assignments leisurely while sitting in front of a fire with some apple cider.

Good luck to all those who are taking final exams.



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