Croakie Activism

I often find myself at a strange crossroads between the former and the latter.  On one hand, I enjoy being a caricature of Southern charm.  I really like monograms, cowboy boots, and Lilly Pulitzer.  But on the other hand, I really don’t enjoy playing into stereotypes of stupidity and ignorance.  When people think Southern, they can sometimes think of intolerance and racism.  I identify with neither of those.  However, I also don’t really identify with the combat boots and militancy that has come to caricature activism.
It’s an interesting dynamic.  I am proud to identify as a Southerner, but I am also proud to identify as a feminist and as an activist.  I guess it’s really about standing behind your convictions, even if they are seen as social contradictions of one another.  
I am learning so much, doing so much, and seeing so much.  I have what feels like nine thousand different opportunities being thrown at me at once.  I am so fortunate and I am so ready to accept all of them.

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