Dads and the Delta

I am in the midst of third world hospitality.  

This may be confusing for those who understand me to be in Mississippi.  Since I’ve been here, I’ve discovered a few different things.  First, people are inherently good.  Anne Frank hit the nail on the head.  I firmly believe that people are first and foremost ‘good.’  The generosity here has been overwhelming.  Yesterday, I took a bus tour of the Mississippi Delta region.  The tour stopped in Ruleville, MS (home of Fannie Lou Hamer, a key player in SNCC and the Civil Rights Movement).  While we were visiting the Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial, a women got on our bus simply to welcome us to Ruleville and to thank us for what we were doing for education in the Delta.  I was floored (on one hand, because the non-TFA affiliated Yankee in front of me was making jokes about the woman’s accent).  However, this woman’s kindness was so genuine and so so real.  I was just speaking to my mother on the phone about how different things are down here.  I told her that sometimes it feels like I am in the middle of the Third World, even though I’m technically in America.  It’s so bizarre to me that so many Americans can justify going to developing countries and providing aid: which is so noble and important.  I obviously think it’s important because I will be going to Tanzania, Africa in the winter to educate a community on HIV prevention.  However, so many people in America don’t know that people down here are living in a time capsule of racism, class inequality, sexism, and abject poverty.  It makes me wonder how we can focus on developing the rest of the country into the present while a piece of our nation lies so rooted in the past.

Shifting gears–

Happy Father’s Day to the just a few of the men I love the most.


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