This lady is writing this blog post from a desk inside an apartment in Arlington, Virginia.

Unreal, right?

The past week and a half has been truly unreal.  Moving to Arlington has been one of the most exciting experiences of my school career.  Who would have ever thought that an old country girl from Windsor would be riding the metro in to her EPA cubicle everyday?  I certainly never dreamed it would happen.
Orientation in DC was full of interesting people, beautiful monuments, and shit loads of coffee (literally, I drank at least 5 cups a day to keep functioning).  I went on a moonlight tour of all the monuments, saw a show at the Kennedy Center, went to a Washington Nationals game, and learned a lot more about the city that I am sure I will grow to love.

This evening, I had the pleasure to attend an alumni event for William and Mary alums in DC, which was hosted at the Austrian Embassy.  It was a delightful experience, and the evening gave way to so many new opportunities (as I’m sure the rest of the semester will as well).

So many new things are flying in my direction so quickly, and it’s hard not to get overwhelmed.  I am working over 30 hours a week and going to class full-time.  It’s stressful, but exhilarating.  I feel so alive and so much a part of what I feel like everyone’s been talking about for forever.  I finally feel like I’m contributing to my own life in the way that I want to contribute to the world.  I feel a future for myself in my hands, and I feel like that future may be in this wonderful city.

The number of letters and kind messages that I’ve gotten warms my heart and speaks to the beautiful people that surround me.  Thanks to all of you that have shared a letter, a prayer, a thought, or a facebook message. It means the world to me, and it’s so wonderful knowing that someone at home is thinking about me.

I love all of you, and I’m so excited to share the rest of my Washington, DC adventures.  Stay tuned: I feel like the good times are just beginning.



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