Things I Like Include: Going Home

I know I haven’t posted anything in quite some time. For that I apologize- not to all the people that read this blog (which is not many), but more to myself. This blog has been a beautifully cathartic experience for me, and I am sorry that I have denied myself this outlet for over a month and a half. However, my new year’s resolution was to blog at least twice a week, so expect more posts from this lady.


Coming home is one of the most exciting experiences of my college life. I can’t tell you how much I took home for granted in high school. Aside from having a great relationship with my parents, I have a sincere attachment to my hometown, Windsor, VA. Windsor is the type of town where you go to the grocery store and you see at least 10 people that know you, your momma, your momma’s momma, and your cousins. Coming back to Windsor is always bittersweet. I am reminded of the town that helped me to grow into the Elizabeth that I am now- strong and opinionated, with a love for country music and linebacker-looking boys in trucks. However, I am also reminded of the reasons that I left- the scarcity of college graduates, the kind, but sometimes limited world view, the good people who are often steeped in intolerance. Windsor will always be my home and the place that I most closely associate with home.




Home is now, also Williamsburg, Virginia. After spending the semester in Washington, DC, it will be exciting for me to return “home” to Williamsburg. If Windsor is my true home, then Williamsburg is a close second. The uneven bricks, historic buildings, 24-hour Wawa, and College that I love make up the first place where I have been able to lay my own roots. Williamsburg has allowed me to create a tradition separate


from my parents, while still granting them an open invitation. Williamsburg is more perfect for me than I could have ever imagined.






I head “home” away from my home on Friday. I cherish the time spent in Windsor, and I am eager to experience another semester in Williamsburg.




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