Things I Like Include: Surviving Finals Season

Finals season is in full swing.

What I feel like:



What my life ACTUALLY looks like:



My breath officially tastes like coffee 99.9% of the time. My hair looks like a rats nest. My glasses are permanently glued to my face as a result of a lack of sleep and the inability of my eyes to focus on typing ONE.MORE.PAPER.


During this particularly stressful time of year, I try to remember why I love college: William & Mary specifically. I love the way that the leaves look on the trees in mid-autumn. I love all of my wonderful, wonderful friends and soul mates that I’ve met during my time here. I love the way free Blue Talon birthday dinner tastes when its shared with people you love.


And then I get stressed out again. So, naturally, I make another list. Here are just a few of the things that get me through college finals.



Water, music, exercise, organization, SLEEP, books, creativity, Biggie Smalls, and picnics…Everybody loves a good picnic.


Good luck and godspeed, friends. Happy Finals Week!



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