Things I Like Include: Summertime

Finals are over (finally), and Summer is here again. I must admit, I felt as if it would never come this year. This semester, especially, felt like it dragged on and on. Last Thursday, I made my way home from Williamsburg for the last time this school year. When I go back to the ‘Burg in August, I will be beginning my Senior year of college. WHAT?! I can’t even believe it. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was moving in to Dupont Hall, Room 224 with my Freshman roommate and best friend, Kristin. 


Kristin and me during Orientation, August 2010

I honestly can’t understand where the time went.


Anyway, I am now officially home for the summer (or at least for two weeks before I leave for work in Memphis). I’ve spent most of my days sleeping in with my puppy, making lots of eggs, watering flowers, cleaning up, watching HGTV and the Food Network (no shame) and reading books. It’s such a nice feeling being able to just relax and take time doing things you love. I just finished The Catcher in the Rye,which I had never read before, but it was absolutely phenomenal. I’m currently searching for the next good book to add to my list, so any suggestions are welcome.


I think one of my favorite parts of summer is seeing my Mother’s garden. I used to complain when I was little because one of my chores was to water her flowers. This seems like an easy task, but trust me, it certainly was not. My mother has upwards of thirty potted flowers in a garden behind our house. This meant going from pot to pot, making sure that tomatoes, zinnias, and peppers were all given enough water to sprout, bud, and grow. I didn’t appreciate these plants when I was little, but boy do I love them now. I love seeing our backyard sprout and grow. It’s so green and alive.


What’s your favorite thing about the summer?



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