Things I Like Include: Words For Da


Memory, Sunday mornings 1994 until 2000

My Da and I spent every single Sunday morning shaving, him bristly hairs on his face and me, smooth baby skin with a capped razor. It was our Sunday morning ritual. After waffles, we would head to his bathroom in the back of the house. He would turn on Gene Chandler’s Duke of Earl, and we would start to lather up. He helped me put the white foam all over my face and get ready to shave with him while we got ready for church. I would stand at a chair in front of the her side of our his and her sink. We would sing and dance and get ready for church.

Memory, 1996

Sitting on my Da’s chest in bed, he methodically and slowly teaches me the Lord’s prayer. Every night we learn a new line. He tells me how important this prayer is because it came from the mouth of God himself. He is patient as I try to remember the words. He repeats them over and over, filling my head with knowledge and my soul with grace.

Memory, December 2009

“I got in.” I cried over the phone on a call to my Da, telling him I had gotten into the College of William & Mary, a goal I had been working toward for years. He cried. He came home later that evening with a W&M cup in his hand and a W&M hat on his head. He later told me that he had bought both a long time ago, and was waiting for the right time to use them. He was so proud and happy to see my dreams actualized. Congratulations, Mom and Da. We did it. Three years later, I’m beginning my last year at the College, and the joy my father had on the day I got in still persists.

Thank you, Da, for always letting me chase my dreams and supporting me endlessly all the way. Thank you for teaching me grace and routine and the payback for hard work from an early age.

I love you.


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