I’m for sunshine, flowers, and black coffee.

Mason jars and monograms and art:

A well-placed curse word, only when necessary, for emphasis-sake.

I’m about education- equal for all, and the pursuit of my own: limitless and never ending.

Growing up in rural Windsor, Virginia, I never dreamed that I would be able to reach the world with my voice. I strive to create beautiful things everyday, and I am working on changing the world through changing myself. I try to spend most days learning and questioning. I started this blog the summer before I entered College. I was eighteen, just getting over my first relationship and my first love (separate people, in that order). This memoir has served as a sad, funny and beautiful progression through my late teens and into my twenties.

I read far too many housewife blogs, I am a self-identified “now-wave” feminist, and I’m on a walkabout towards life in New York City. Stuck in the crossroads of city mouse and country mouse, I’m an anomaly, and I love it.


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