Things I Like Include: The Hump Day Handful

This whole “theming Wednesday’s blog posts” is actually working to help hold me accountable to posting. I love creating new blog posts, but sometimes I get caught up in the rhythm of the week (and by that I mean copious amounts of schoolwork and very little sleep) and I just “forget” to post. However, THOSE DAYS ARE NO MORE. It feels good to be on a schedule.


This week’s Hump Day Handful is going to be fitness themed. I’ve had a glorious time the past few weeks going to the gym with my sisters. The usual suspects are me, Tori, and Alison (who’s birthday it is today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISON). We all trek over to the student recreation center on our campus, and we head to Zumba, Cardio Dance, Body Combat, etc. I’ve honestly never been a person that was super jazzed about fitness. I cheered in high school and a little in college, and I played soccer, but I was never one of those people that went on sporadic 4 mile runs just because. While I was in Memphis this summer, I decided to take up running as a hobby. I made myself a goal that I would participate in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC this spring. Starting in the summer would give me plenty of time to train. Which brings me to the first feature in this week’s ‘handful.’


Nike + Running App



This app is PHENOMENAL. It’s calibrated to keep your distance in check on both indoor and outdoor runs. You can also program “power songs” that will play during the middle of a tough workout to give you the extra ‘umph’ you need to push through to the finish. Plus, you can add your friends and all cheer each other on throughout the month. 


Next on this week’s Hump Day Handful is something that I never thought I would do…ever!


Tori and Alison and I have been doing an inordinate amount of Zumba (slash Cardio Dance Party, slash this thing where they turn off all the lights, turn ON a black light, and you dance…sounds perfect, right?) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Zumba. I love the music, the dancing, and leaving the fitness studio dripping with sweat. You can burn 500-1000 calories doing Zumba, and there are targeted tracks dedicated to squats, abs, and even arms (we did an arm track the other night that literally almost KILLED ME…but I loved it so it’s okay).


Nike Air Pegasus


This shoe is the BOMB. I had been running in my Nike Free Runs, which are great, but they just don’t have the right support for distance running. Don’t get me wrong, the free runs are such COOL shoes. They come in a bajillion colors that are adorable (and come on, cute shoes MAKE me want to work out). But the Pegasus are the money maker. I can run for miles and miles without my feet hurting one bit. I’d highly recommend these shoes to any runner: new or veteran.


So there you have it. A fitness inspired hump day handful. Happy Wednesday, everyone!