Things I Like Include: The Hump Day Handful

In an effort to become a more regular blogger (I’m honestly so bad at creating a regular blogging schedule), I am going to start a weekly post of mine called the Hump Day Handful. This will mostly include a handful of things that I’m currently obsessed with or in love with, or things that I think that maybe you can’t (or shouldn’t) live without.


The past few days I’ve been pretty sick with strep throat. This has left me pretty much married to three things:

My baseball hat



My Camelbak




My Eos Lip Balm

When I’m sick (I don’t know about y’all) but I never feel like getting all dressed up. Usually for me it’s just a crewneck sweatshirt, some running leggings and some tennis shoes, and a baseball hat. I’ve also been trying to drink a lot more water since I got sick (which means that I’m basically drowning myself). I drink about 7-8 Camelbak’s full a day normally, so my water drinking has basically been on crack lately. Finally, my lips have been so dry from all the coughing and allergies and medicine I’ve been taking. I LOVE eos lip balm. It’s literally the most delicious thing I’ve ever used (sorry Burt’s Bees). Plus, those little balls are so stinkin’ cute!


So there we have it- the first of what I’m sure will be many Hump Day Handfuls. What’s on your must-have list when you’re sick?